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Quality forage grown for the demands of our customers.


Quality is a large concern in competing forage markets today. Making sure our alfalfa meets high dairy feed standards is always our top priority. Advances in technology, growing techniques, and fertilizer, we constantly looking to improve our protein levels, pass through rates, and tonnage. When harvesting we continue to push the limits of technology.

  • Rotary-head Swathers with dual conditioners.
  • Precision fertilizer applications based on soil and tissue samples.
  • Experienced team of growers and agronomists.

Our swathers are built with aggressive conditioners and rotary-heads to reduce leaf loss and reduce drying time ensuring that our end product is outstanding. Knowing that equipment can only do so much we ensure that our operations team is qualified with the experience that will produce consistent high quality alfalfa.


Being geographically diverse allows us to mitigate the risk of damaged crops due to climate events. All three areas are held to the same high standards ensuring that our customers know what quality they will be getting no matter where it is grown at.

  • Minidoka, ID - 100 Acres
  • Fields, OR - 1,400 Acres
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Making sure that we continue to grow quality forage for years to come we use many growing practices to ensure our operations longevity.

  • 3 to 5 year crop rotations.
  • Standardized crop and soil testing
  • Soil nutrients monitoring and supplimenting

Being a good steward of the land means not robbing it of all its nutrients, maintaining and eliminating soil erosion, and putting value back into the land. Whether this means further development of the irrigation system, long-term fertilization plans, or cover crops between rotations, we continue to strive at being good stewards of our lands.

Point of Contact

If you would like to know a little bit more or contact someone about our alfalfa operation please contact Taylor Grant. He oversees the marketing, agronomy, and delivery of our alfalfa crops.

Taylor Grant

Taylor Grant


(208) 431-3265