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In the fertile grounds of the Treasure Valley, renowned for producing some of the world's finest onions, Grant 4-D Farms proudly cultivates this aromatic bulb. While our russet potatoes have made their mark, our onions, predominantly yellows, are not far behind in acclaim. Dedicated to sustainability and quality, we employ drip irrigation techniques. This not only helps in judicious water usage but also significantly reduces disease, ensuring a high-quality harvest. Our onions find their way into two major markets: as a primary ingredient for delectable onion rings in the process market and as fresh produce for those who appreciate the robust flavor of Treasure Valley onions.


At Grant 4-D Farms, our approach to onion cultivation is both an art and a science. We pride ourselves on growing onions with "single centers" tailor-made for the perfect onion ring, as well as varieties optimal for the fresh market. Achieving this requires unwavering diligence: we're constantly checking field growth progress, harnessing the precision of drip irrigation to manage water and fertility, and maintaining a vigilant eye for pests and disease. It's this rigorous oversight and care that allow us to produce onions that seamlessly fit their intended markets, setting industry standards in quality and consistency.

Grant 4-D Farms Point of Contact

If you would like to know a little bit more or contact someone about our onion operation please contact Dan Hart.