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Fit for Purpose

Russet Potatoes:

From Our Farm to Your Table and Process Line

We don't just grow russet potatoes; we cultivate perfection. Recognizing the unique needs of different markets, we specialize in russet varieties tailored for two main purposes: the process market and fresh consumption.

Our potatoes destined for the process market are grown with an emphasis on qualities that make them ideal for making French fries and similar products. For those who cherish the wholesome taste of fresh potatoes, our table stock russet varieties are grown to offer unparalleled taste and texture, making every meal special.

Every russet potato at Grant 4-D Farms is a product of careful contemplation. We factor in the soil type, fertility, and water needs, always keeping in mind the end-use of the potato. It's not just farming; it's a science and an art, ensuring that every potato is "fit for purpose."


At Grant 4-D Farms, the russet potato world offers a symphony of diversity. While all russets share a common heritage, subtle differences determine their end-use. Potatoes tailored for the fresh market often boast a balanced flavor and versatile texture, making them perfect for home-cooked meals. In contrast, those destined for the processing market possess specific attributes like consistent size and optimal starch content, ensuring they transform beautifully into products such as fries or mash. This purpose-driven approach to variety selection underscores our commitment to delivering the ideal potato for every need while celebrating nature's rich tapestry.

Mart Produce

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond cultivation. We're proud to hold a one-quarter ownership in Mart Produce, a collaborative venture with three other esteemed potato growers. This partnership amplifies our reach, creating a substantial product reserve. With this combined strength, Mart Produce possesses unmatched flexibility in matching the perfect potato product to specific customer needs. It's not just about growing quality russet potatoes; it's about ensuring they reach the right tables and processing lines every time.

Grant 4-D Farms Point of Contact

If you would like to know a little bit more or contact someone about our potato operation please contact Taylor Grant.

Taylor Grant

Taylor Grant


(208) 431-3265

Mart Produce Point of Contact

If you would like to talk with someone with Mart Produce about purchasing potatoes from Grant 4-D Farms, Please contact Mike Larsen.

Mike Larsen

Mike Larsen


(208) 431-4322